Your Practice's On-Demand EHR Helpdesk

Medical Advantage's on-demand EHR Helpdesk is designed to help your practice troubleshoot any EHR issues you may have. Our expert consultants act as your personal EHR support team and strive to increase ROI for your practice.


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Our expert EHR consultants are here to help with any EHR requests you may have. Standardize your order sets to improve quality of care and reduce human error, get help with custom reporting and templates, and train your staff on custom letter creation and new provider requests.

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Running into EHR bugs and interface issues? Our EHR Helpdesk can assist with troubleshooting any issues you may run into. Our EHR consultants are trained in a number of different systems and get to know your individual practice so you can get the best support possible.

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How To

Need further training for your practice? Our team is able to assist in running various reports, optimizing for your clinic's workflow, and assist with RCM billing workflows. Our team can even provide tip sheets to help your team document their workflow.


EHR Helpdesk Features

  • Database Clean Up
  • Data Mapping
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Letter Creation
  • Patient Portal Setup
  • EHR Troubleshooting
  • Specialty Training Sessions
  • Custom Forms & Templates

Why Medical Advantage?

We’ve spent two decades working with physicians and practices to help improve patient care, quality, administrative efficiency, profitability and compliance.  Our skilled EHR consultants bring a seasoned medical point of view to tackle your EHR issues and deliver ongoing support to meet your unique needs.


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